Sew your own iPod, laptop case

Amy Butler pattern to sew your own laptop or iPod case.

Sew-yourself iPod and laptop cases

Standard black laptop cases: boring. Fancy laptop cases: expensive. Sewing your own laptop/iPod case: Probably totally inconvenient, but in the end perhaps rewarding--if, that is, you like bobbins and seam rippers, or even know what they are.

Still not convinced? You probably can't buy a laptop case in crazy tattoo-inspired fabric (see below), but you could make one. And because this is a family friendly-ish blog, you'll have to click through to some of the other, ahem, interesting fabrics you could pick. Of course, sewing your own will require a few hours of precious time and owning a sewing machine. Or maybe, if you're lucky, you could sweet talk a crafty friend into sewing a case for you.

Tattoo fabric from
Wouldn't your laptop look fierce in this?

If you do decide to get all crazy creative, is selling this Amy Butler pattern, which includes instructions for both laptops (adjustable for most sizes) and some MP3 players (namely: iPod Classic, iPod Touch, iPhone and the Zune).

Via Craftzine

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