Serbian tech: Dead going nuts over air-conditioned coffins

Coffins claiming to keep bodies "fresh" are reportedly getting snapped up in Serbia. You'll note this post does not contain the pun "frozen stiff."

Austrian Times

Look, I understand wanting comfort. I am a glutton for comfort. That doesn't mean I'm going to buy up every Snuggie-like thing I see to achieve my version of comfy nirvana. I don't let it force me to cross the line from having class.

That would include these air-conditioned coffins, currently all the rage in part of Serbia. After I die I figure I'll have more on my mind, like explaining that night in Reno with the Montgomery twins to Saint Peter. If my body gets a little toasty in the cold crypt six feet under, well, I'd be OK with that.

But maybe I'm alone. According to the Daily Star, the coffins--which retail for about $6,600--are selling very well. No word on how they work, for how long they work, or even if they work. If anyone in Serbia is reading this, listen: have the mortician apply deodorant and save your loved ones some money, OK?

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