'SensoGlove' helps get a grip on your golf swing

This smart glove has a built-in computer that measures your grip with its own sensors.


Despite witnessing many friends fall under the spell of Tiger Woods, some of us at Crave have resisted learning how to play golf for one simple reason: It's the kind of sport that would drive us nuts. If we ever become tempted, however, the "SensoGlove" might well be the first thing we'd purchase. (Well, maybe after a robo-caddy.)

Made by SensoSolutions, it has a built-in computer that monitors grip pressure and other factors, then supposedly provides advice on how to make adjustments, according to GizmoWatch. Four sewn-in sensors send information for display on a small LCD on the back of the leather glove.

One good thing is that it's definitely less expensive than the $55,000 Full Golf Swing simulator, though no doubt less fun. And it has another essential feature in that it's sweatproof.

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