Send text docs (Word, PDF) to the iPhone's Notes application

Send text docs (Word, PDF) to the iPhone's Notes application

One of the more useful Mac OS X utilities for interacting with the iPhone, iPhoneDrive, has been renamed "MegaPhone" and now includes the ability to send text files, PDFs, or Word files to the iPhone Notes application for reading and editing directly on the device.

iPhoneDrive was initially created for storing files on the iPhone as if it were a removable drive, much like the iPod's disk mode function (which is missing, by default, from the iPhone). Subsequent releases added the ability to copy files that are stored as music, photos and video on the iPhone (synced from iTunes) back to a desktop Mac, play music stored on the iPhone or iPod Touch, and access (and copy) call logs, SMS messages, and photos from the camera.

A 7-day trial version of the $20 application is available.

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