Send steeped coffee direct to cup

The Zevro Incred-A-Brew Gravity Drip Coffee Infuser Cup offers an easy way to deliver morning coffee. The steeping device fits over a cup or mug and shuts off when raised.

When lifted, the brewing chamber ceases the flow of coffee automatically.
When lifted, the brewing chamber ceases the flow of coffee automatically. Bed Bath & Beyond

The hardest thing about coffee is waiting for it to brew.

Coffee is easy; really it is. Despite all the accessories, methods and varieties, all it really comes down to is the interaction of water with crushed beans.

Coffee beans have the ability to transmute water into an elixir worthy of seeking out every morning (and afternoon, and sometimes night), but that ability doesn't mean there is only one way of going about it. Methods for brewing coffee are varied and with each technique comes its own sets of pros and cons. Usually, however, it being easy to make is always a positive.

The Zevro Incred-A-Brew Gravity Drip Coffee Infuser Cup combines the simplest method of coffee brewing--just letting it steep--with an elegant delivery system. After adding ground coffee to the infuser cup, hot water is poured over the grounds and left to steep. When ready, the device is lifted and placed directly on top of a waiting mug or cup. A patented valve is triggered and opens resulting with the coffee being released into the cup. When the desired amount has been delivered, the brewing chamber is lifted off of the cup of coffee and the flow automatically stops. A removable strainer keeps grounds in the chamber, not allowing them to be passed into the waiting cup.

All coffee-making methods require some degree of patience. It's not hard to imagine that a clear vessel filled with steeping coffee might be hard to resist. Good news, then, that it would be a simple matter to make more.

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