Selfies get their own gallery in London

A new installation pays homage to the selfie, the latest medium in a long artistic heritage of self-portraiture.

The "National #Selfie Portrait Gallery" displays a rotating series of videos, 30 seconds or less, installed on two screens. Marina Galperina/Animal New York

Chances are you've taken one or two (or a dozen) selfies in your day. And if you're like the majority of selfie-snappers, your digital self-portraits have probably involved pointing a smartphone at yourself and hoping you manage to capture both your nose and mouth in the same frame.

Then there's Alexander Porter, who took a selfie involving a digital 3D scan of his face, unfurled in pastel moving images like a pillowey landscape canvas.

He's one of 19 emerging artists whose short-form videos engaging with the "selfie" medium appear in the "National #Selfie Portrait Gallery," a curated installation that opened Thursday at the Moving Image Contemporary Video Art Fair in London.

The gallery displays a rotating series of videos, 30 seconds or less, installed on two screens. They range from poetic Internet confessionals to humorous commentaries on exhibitionism, and experimental new-media portraiture a la Porter, who named his selfie film (embedded below) ""

Kyle Chayka and Marina Galperina curated the "National #Selfie Portrait Gallery" (that hashtag's theirs), which they say "explores the range of performativity, personality, authenticity, and expression inherent in the #selfie form, from the instant gratification of its creation to the popularity contests of its publication. The #selfie is as omnipresent as the smartphone and as diverse as humanity itself."

Click on the gallery above to see some super-fancy selfie-fication.

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