Segways banned from U.K. sidewalks

Following a judge's ruling in a test case, Segways cannot legally be ridden on sidewalks in Britain. But they're not supposed to be ridden on public roads either.

Coates on Segway
Ross Parry

Segway fans are trundling mad today, following a magistrate's ruling that the two-wheeled wobblers can't be ridden on the sidewalk in the U.K.

The ruling (PDF) concluded a test case that saw an unemployed factory worker, Phillip Coates (pictured right), fined 75 pounds ($120) for riding a Segway on a sidewalk in Barnsley. Coates was also slapped with a bill for 265 pounds ($424) in costs.

The case hinged on whether a Segway could be described as "a mechanically propelled vehicle intended or adapted for use on roads." The judge in the case decided they could be described thus, particularly as Coates told the police he'd consider riding his on the road when the sidewalk was full.

Read more of "Segways banned from bombing it on UK pavements, as well as roads" at Crave UK.

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