Sega hopes to get 'Lucky' with new robot dog

Sega Toys introduces "Lucky," its new robot dog toy.

I used to be the biggest Sega fan. Starting way back in 1986 from the Sega Master System, all the way to the Dreamcast (yes, I'm that old), I've been a diehard Nintendo/NEC/Sony-hating Sega fanboy. After the Dreamcast, our 16-year relationship ended and now the reason why is painfully clear. The robots have taken over Sega, at least in Japan, and they've enacted their plan for world domination I first alluded to a few weeks back.

Sega Toys

Be afraid. Be very afraid. "Lucky" is coming, and I don't think he can be stopped. Just check out the video. Lucky is a fluffy little robot dog developed by Sega Toys. He's incredibly cute and obedient (for now at least). Lucky does tricks like handstands; he barks when spoken to; and he is subtlety racist ("herro"? come on!). All the while he is biding his time, I'm sure, until he gets the signal. A switch will go off in his head and we'll all be doomed.

Resistance is indeed futile. I mean, just look at him. How is anyone supposed to resist that? No word yet on when he'll make his debut in the U.S., but I'm sure he has a plan for us as well.

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