Seeking all sports nuts: Coveroo phone cases

Rather than try to find your team on an iPhone case, companies like Coveroo will build one for you. The downside: tackiness.

Desperate for an NFL phone/iPod case? Coveroo has the players, but not the teams--and a lot of other random logos, too.

If you're like me, you might have been on a fruitless hunt for a customized iPhone case that touts your beloved sports team, only to discover nobody seems to have any. Is it critical for me to own an iPhone case themed after the New York Jets? Hardly, but I'm a superstitious fellow and I like my digital trinkets and amulets.

Coveroo , which makes custom cases for iPhones, BlackBerries, iPods, iPads, and many other devices, doesn't actually have an NFL teams license, although it does have a license for NFL players. They have NBA and MLB licenses, too, so your dream of a Nets or Mets case can be satisfied easily, in a variety of colors and styles to boot. As for the Jets, a colleague simply had a "Sanchez 6" case made up for me on a plain white case sleeve. It looked low-rent, but at least it showed my loyalties.

Sure, they're not the sexiest cases around, but sometimes sports fans need their fix. The Mark Sanchez iPhone 4 case costs $35, with an optional customized message for an extra $5. The real question is: Can customized cases such as this ever be anything but tacky? And does a true sports fan really care if it is?

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