Security Update 2007-001 (#4): File sharing problems; Loss of peripheral recognition (including external drives); more

Security Update 2007-001 (#4): File sharing problems; Loss of peripheral recognition (including external drives); more

File sharing problems Users continue to report issues with various file sharing routines after applying Security Update 2007-001. In most cases, the problems involve the afp_mount process -- used by Mac OS X to mount network volumes under the Apple Filesharing Protocol.

Again, Security Update 2007-001 only makes modifications to a handful of QuickTime-related components, so it is odd that networking routines are being adversely affected.

Cache corruption may be at play here, so users experiencing the problem might want to try using the cache clearing mechanisms offered by utilities like Cocktail, Mac Pilot or Tiger Cache Cleaner.

One reader writes:

"I installed Security Update 2007-001 on my Intel Mac Pro system and I now cannot mount AFP network files systems. Specifically, apf_mount crashes with a EXC_BAD_ACCESS."

Roar Kilaas adds:

"I have just experienced the exact same problem. Here is a crash dump reported by my machine when I try to mount one of my other machines. The application afp_mount crashes with a bad access error."

Loss of peripheral recognition (including external drives) Some users are reporting loss of access to external devices -- particularly FireWire and USB devices after applying Security Update 2007-001. This is another issue that can sometimes be resolved by the aforementioned cache clearing methods.

One reader writes:

"At some time after installing the latest Mac Security Updates, I have lost my external firewire hard drive. Was working three or four weeks ago, stopped since using latest Security Updates. Tried an external cd-drive, same results."

If you are experiencing similar issues, please let us know.

Startup issues Some users are reporting problems starting up after applying Security Update 2007-001, behavior exhibited by at least some systems with virtually every significant Mac OS X system update.

These issues can almost always be resolved by the methods listed in our tutorial "Startup fails (particularly after a system or security update); solving."

One reader writes:

"I installed the latest security update today on 3 machines. The 2 Intel-based machines were OK. My PowerMac G5 desktop now refuses to restart. The fan noise builds up to scary levels. My main machine is now out of action. Worried."

If you are having a similar issue, or have had success with a listed workaround, please let us know.

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