Security Update 2006-007 (#5): Problems logging into secure sites -- potential fixes; Palm synchronization issues; more

Security Update 2006-007 (#5): Problems logging into secure sites -- potential fixes; Palm synchronization issues; more

Problems logging into secure sites -- potential fixes A surprisingly high number of users are reporting problems logging into secure (https) Web sites in Safari and other WebKit-based applications after applying Security Update 2006-007.

MacFixIt reader Booker writes:

"Since the security update safari no longer is able to log-in to secure sites. I have a Mac Mini PPC. Tiger. I tried resetting safari and nothing happens."

Firefox and other non-WebKit-based browsers are generally not affected by this issue.

In some instances of this issue, temporarily disabling JavaScript can sometimes resolve the problem.

JavaScript can be disabled by opening Safari's preferences (under the "Safari" menu) then clicking the "Security" tab and de-selecting the option "Enable JavaScript."

In other cases, this problem can be solved by simply emptying the cache (Safari menu > Empty Cache). In other cases, the solution is to open Safari's preferences, then click on the Security tab, then "Show cookies" and deleting all cookies.

Some users have found success with deleting the file from ~/Library/Preferences.

Finally, resetting Safari (via the "Reset Safari" command, accessible under the "Safari" menu) can resolve site access/login issues in some cases. Note that this will delete your browser history, cache, cookies, and other stored data.

Palm synchronization issues Meanwhile, users continue to report issues with Palm device synchronization after the update.

MacFixIt reader Bob writes:

"Since installing Security Update 2006-007, I haven't been able to synch my Palm Treo 650 with my Powerbook. The error is a crash while handling the task list; everything else seems OK. I can't synchronize it, force the Palm's contents to the Mac, or force the Mac contents to the Palm. So I'm stuck."

If you are experiencing a similiar issue, please let us know.

Users data disappears Some users have reported loss of some user-specific data after applying Security Update 2006-007. One reader writes:

"Just installed Security Update 2006-007 (Power PC) on a 17" iMac G5. (OS10.4.8). After reboot, dock had reverted to the default configuration. All Data in the Mail program was lost, as well as all data in the Address Book. iPhoto and i Tunes files remained, although when each application was opened up, it indicated that it was the first time that app had been opened up. Unable to reconstitute Address Book or Mail program data. It was almost like the system was seeing a new user. However desktop folders/files remained unaffected."


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