Searching for more search industry event names

Microsoft's "Searchification" follows Google's "Searchology" and an event called "Searchnomics." Where will the silly search event names end?

I'm sitting here at Microsoft's "Searchification" event in Mountain View, Calif., but I can't tell you any of the news because it's all embargoed until tonight at 9 p.m. PT. Check back then for the full story. In the meantime, you can get a mini preview leaked by a Microsoft employee last week.

I realize the search market is a hot space and the major players, along with a lot of minor players, are all trying to hold themselves out as industry leaders. But some of the names of the events are getting downright silly.

Google held an event it dubbed "Searchology" in May. Then there was the event sponsored by WebGuild Silicon Valley called "Searchnomics" held in San Jose, Calif., in June.

Portland-based search engine marketing group SEM PDX held "Searchfest" in March. It appears the Getty Museum was ahead of the pack with a "Searchathon" event in 1999. And a blog entry from the Scoreboard Media Group is entitled "Searchalicious." A clever domain name parker has even snagged "Searchsup."

What I'm really waiting for is "Searchapalooza" and "SearchSchmooze."

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