Seagate launches wireless hard drive

Seagate's new "Dave" hard drive works via Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, or just plain wires.

Demo 07: Seagate is showing off its new "Dave" technology mobile hard drive. Available in 10GB or 20GB capacities (bigger drives coming later), its unique feature is that it's wireless. You can connect to it via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, or via USB cable if you're feeling old-fashioned.

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The Bluetooth thing I get, and it's interesting: You could use it as outboard storage for a cameraphone or a future camera that has Bluetooth. The fact that it connects via Wi-Fi means that, essentially, it's also a portable, wireless, battery-powered network-attached storage device too. And that's just plain cool.

Uncool (at least for dudes): It looks much like a cosmetics compact.

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