Seagate GoFlex Desk review: Hitting the 4TB mark

Seagate announces its first 4TB single-volume external hard drive, the 4TB GoFlex Desk.

The new 4TB GoFlex Desk external hard drive from Seagate
The new 4TB GoFlex Desk external hard drive from Seagate. Dong Ngo/CNET

It's been a little over a year since Seagate Technology announced the FreeAgent GoFlex Desk, which offered up to 3TB of storage, and today, the company once again broke the storage barrier by introducing its first 4TB single-volume external hard drive, the 4TB GoFlex Desk.

Four terabytes of storage is equivalent to about 160 Blu-ray Discs' worth of storage space. When used to host compressed digital content, the new drive can store about 2,000 HD movies or millions of digital photos.

Other than the substantial increase in capacity, the new GoFlex Desk is very similar to the previous model, with a flexible design that separates the storage and the connector parts. The new 4TB GoFlex Desk supports USB 3.0 right out of the box with an included adapter. It also works with other adapters to support other peripheral connection types, such as eSATA and FireWire.

Like other drives in the GoFlex family, the 4TB GoFlex Desk comes with software that enables Macs running OS 10.5 or later to have full (read/write) access to it even though it's preformatted using the NTFS file system. Seagate says that later this month, it will also release a Mac-oriented version of the drive that's bundled with a FireWire connection.

The new external hard drive is available now directly from Seagate and you can buy it at retailers later this month. Read CNET's full review of the 4TB GoFlex Desk to see how it performs before making the purchase.

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