Seagate Backup Plus now available for Mac

The drive offers USB 3.0 and supports Time Machine out of the box.

A Backup Plus drive from Seagate
A Backup Plus drive from Seagate Dong Ngo/CNET

Seagate announced today a new version of the Backup Plus portable drive designed especially for Macs.

The new Backup Plus family was first introduced back in June, initially available for Windows. The drive offers USB 3.0 and comes with the HFS+ file system out of the box.

The Backup Plus family replaces Seagate's GoFlex family but still offers a flexible design thanks to the Universal Storage Module (USM) standard, which basically allows you to use any type of connection standard (USB, FireWire, eSATA, or even Thunderbolt) just by swapping out the adapter part of the drive. The drive also comes with software enabling it to work with either Windows or Mac without reformatting; it comes with software allowing its HFS+ file system to be fully accessed (both read and write) by Windows computers.

Seagate says that the new Backup Plus Portable for Mac also comes with backup software that not only works locally but can also be used for backing up online social media data, such as Facebook or Flickr photos. And the drive also supports Time Machine out of the box.

The new Backup Plus Portable for Mac is available now in 500GB and 1TB versions that cost $110 and $130, respectively. Before getting it, make sure you check out the full review of Backup Plus for Windows (which also works with Macs).

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