Scribd to block uploading of copyrighted material to its site

Scribd's antipiracy system blocks uploading of content if the text matches material in its system provided by copyright holders.

Sick of getting your content ripped off online? A start-up called Scribd can automatically block the uploading of copyrighted content to its site, which people use for publishing e-books, documents, and other stuff.


Basically, if text matches content that has been supplied by copyright holders working with Scribd's Qualified Publisher Program, then the upload of the item will automatically be blocked.

That's good news for content creators who typically have to go through the lengthy process of sending Digital Millennium Copyright Act takedown notices to sites to get their copyrighted material removed.

In its effort to stop video piracy on YouTube, Google is using a similar method . At YouTube, if content matches anything in the copyright filter database, it will be pulled minutes after it gets posted, unless the copyright holder has decided it wants to put ads on the content and make some money off it.


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