Scratchmaster Mario

A free software application for the Nintendo DS allows you to record, scratch, and loop your own samples.

It's a fact: DJs get more chicks than gamers. If you're looking to transition your skills at Zelda into something more musical, the Protein DScratch software for the Nintendo DS might just have you rocking a dance floor on a Saturday night.

The software allows you to load your own WAV files, and then tweak them with effects, pitch changes, and scratching. The software even sends out MIDI clock messages that will let you sync up the DScratch tempo with other electronic music gear. Hell, you could start an entire Nintendo DS band at this point. Just get a few friends on Electroplankton, come up with a catchy name, and you're a MySpace profile away from a cross-country tour filled with free beer and nerd groupies. Go live the dream, my friend.

(via Create Digital Music)

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