Scour pays you to search, improve results

Your browser makes all its money off that little search box in the corner, but what about you? A new start up called Scour is trying to change that.

Scour is a search tool that blends results from Google, Yahoo, and MSN together in one stream. You can hot-swap between the three, or break out any single result into another search. If you come across a bad result, or one you think should go above the others, you can also vote it up (or down) or leave a comment--something similar to what Wikia did with its hackable search engine.

On top of the basic layer of search interaction there's also a paying element to the site. Every query you make has a certain point value, with interactions like commenting and voting giving you more points. Once you reach a certain point limit you can then convert points you have into a cash gift card. There's also a referral program where you get a small percentage of the points from the searches your friends do.

I've embedded a demo video below. You can also give it spin here.

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