ScoreMobile's iPhone app is a sports fan's savior

Providing up to date sports scores and statistics, ScoreMobile's new iPhone app is available for download in the iTunes store now.

Even after trading for Ken Griffey Jr., my White Sox are struggling against the Royals.
Have you ever been forced away from watching your favorite sports team because of some prior obligation, only to find yourself sneaking away to the nearest TV to check on the score? Well, then ScoreMobile's new iPhone app is for you. Essentially, ScoreMobile has taken its already killer iPhone web app and translated it over to a nice downloadable package. Right now, ScoreMobile offers real-time scores and stats for MLB, NBA, NFL, NHL, NCAAF, NCAAB, and even CFL for our Canadian readers.

Even though I have dropped a lot of jaws by showing off the instantaneous video highlights that's iPhone app provides, it is certainly lacking in the statistics department. ScoreMobile picks up the slack. The application gives live standings, lineups, and a variety of other statistics. Even though it doesn't have video highlights like MLB's app, the statistics provided here are much more robust.

The lack of sports applications that are available for the iPhone is really amazing to me. There is certainly a large market of sports fans out there, waiting to be tapped into. Despite the apparent void of good sports applications, ScoreMobile's app for iPhone is clearly the best available right now. It serves up rich and timely statistics and has a slick UI. The best part is that it's free, so it's worth your click to download it at the very least. You can give it a try here.

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