Score a refurbished Xbox 360 Premium for $149.99

It's missing a headset and a warranty, but otherwise, this $150 video game console is a killer deal. Refurbished systems are arguably in better shape than new ones.

An Xbox 360 Premium for $150 is hard to beat, but it comes without a warranty. Overstock Dealz

Regular Cheapskate readers know that I love me some Xbox 360--not just because it's a killer gaming console, but also because it's a killer media center extender. In fact, I recently suggested buying an Xbox 360 Core system expressly for its extender capabilities.

But why buy a Core for $170 when you can get an Xbox 360 Premium for $150? Yeah, that's what I'm talkin' bout! There are some catches, however, so read on before you pull the trigger (or, um, click the mouse).

First catch: this is the non-HDMI Xbox 360 Premium, meaning that you'll need to use the included component video cables to make the HDTV connection. (I don't consider that a deal breaker, but some folks insist on HDMI, which is included with newer Xboxes.)

Second catch: you don't get a headset with these units (no big deal, if you're not planning to play games online).

Third catch: shipping will run you about $26, which is kinda steep.

Fourth catch (and the only one that really matters, in my mind): no warranty. The vendor, Overstock Dealz, offers a "14-day guarantee," which essentially protects you from dead-on-arrival units, but otherwise, you're on your own.

As some will undoubtedly note, the 360 has (or had, anyway) a fairly high failure rate, so buying one without a warranty is borderline idiotic. However, because these are refurbished systems, they're arguably in better shape (i.e. more failure-resistant) than new ones.

Agree? Disagree? Hit the Comments--and try to keep it civil, peeps.

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