Scale becomes part of kitchen decor

The Terraillon Wall Mount Kitchen Scale flips up and out of the way when not in use.

Kitchen scale or shelf?

Having a scale in your kitchen gadget repertoire is useful to the point of being essential; just ask any baker. Flour can be one of the most inconsistent ingredients to work with, due to its volume-changing tendencies. A cup of hard-packed flour contains much more actual flour than a cup of sifted flour. So, we use scales to accurately measure our ingredients. With such utility comes options, with designs ranging from the ornate to the sparse. Some even focus on where you store the scale.

The Terraillon Wall Mount Kitchen Scale, as the name suggests, is a kitchen scale for your wall. Measuring 1.5 inches tall, with a width of 10.8 inches and a depth of 8.7 inches, the scale is a convenient way for the home cook to keep a useful gadget always at the ready. Flipping up and out of the way when not in use, the scale also incorporates a clock and timer function. The scale has a load capacity of five pounds, which is perfect for most home uses.

Even if you tend to overlook the scale in your own kitchen, having one on hand is useful. With contemporary design and classic styling, the glass and silver-colored scale will look great in any kitchen--even if you only end up using it as a shelf for houseplants.

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