Sanyo's Eneloop Lamp: The flashlight that heals?

Experimentation with LED lights continues, as Sanyo announces a lamp that can also be used as an emergency flashlight--and a "healing" light.


Sanyo is turning to LED light technology, a hot new area for experimentation, to squeeze three uses out of a single lamp. The company's new Eneloop Lamp is a desk light that can also work as an emergency flashlight and even send some healing energy your way--or so the company says.

Operating on rechargable AA "eneloop" batteries, Sanyo's new Eneloop Lamp based on high-luminance LED technology can be situated anywhere in the room since no cords constrain the placement.

It also uses a contactless charging system and has no metallic contact on the product body interrupting the design. The batteries are recharged by putting the lamp unit on the charging stand.

In low-white-light mode, one 12-hour charge lasts an impressive 45 hours, but on high output it only lasts 3 hours.

The Eneloop Lamp also features a blue lamp "Healing Light" mode that according to Sanyo "creates a healing ambience." We don't know exactly what the lamp will heal, nor have we seen any scientific data confirming this claim.

Tilt the body and you have a flashlight. Sanyo

Finally, when the body is tilted 90 degrees or more, "a built-in acceleration sensor" turns the lamp into a flashlight that lasts up to six hours on one full charge. Sanyo suggests the flashlight be used in an emergency situations like a midnight earthquake or for more frequent day-to-say use as a handy portable light.

The Eneloop Lamp goes on sale September 11, but no official price has been announced yet.

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