Sands through the hourglass count time in the shower

Low-tech, 4-minute timers pressure water wasters to shower on the clock.

Showering can waste a gallon of water a minute. Yet a daily shower is one of those nonnegotiable, guilty pleasures I'm unwilling to sacrifice.

The 4-minute shower timer is an instrument of torture.
The 4-minute shower timer is an instrument of torture. Green Deals Daily

Still, the number of water-starved regions is only set to grow. For those who must watch every drop, a shower timer could be the next best thing to installing a high-tech, low-flow shower head.

A $3 timer from Envirosax, which makes trendy shopping bags, sticks to a shower wall with a suction cup. Its blue, pink, green, or gray sands take 4 minutes to pass through the hourglass.

Four minutes? Hair conditioner alone takes 2 minutes to work its magic. I would probably flip over the timer or ignore it, and feel guilty in any case. However, those who use the timer correctly could save hundreds of dollars a year on water bills.

The timer looks like an ideal stocking stuffer for green gift givers, although it's unclear how eco-friendly its plastic parts may be. Receiving one could be about as fun as a cardigan sweater. Those who are more eco-conscientious and self-punishing than yours truly may consider taking a Navy shower instead, which involves turning off the water while lathering, and then rinsing in a hurry.

(via Green Deals Daily)

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