Samsung's new Series 7 Gamer laptop adds Ivy Bridge, Nvidia graphics for $1,900

Timed for the availability of Intel's latest processors, the Series 7 Gamer is finally ready to hit stores.


Back at CES 2012, we got our first glimpse of Samsung's new gaming laptop, the Series 7 Gamer, tucked away at Samsung's booth with little fanfare. That laptop is finally available for purchase, and it features Intel's new Ivy Bridge processors and the latest Nvidia graphics in a package that's competitive with what other gaming PC makers are offering.

The $1,899 fixed-configuration version of the Series 7 Gamer (NP700G7C-S01US) announced by Samsung isn't a tiny machine -- this 17.3-inch laptop weighs 13.34 pounds -- but it's packed with specs. A 2.3 GHz Intel Core i7-3610QM CPU (slightly slower than the Asus N56V we tested at CNET), Nvidia GeForce GTX 675M graphics with 2GB of DDR5 video memory, 16GB of DDR3 RAM, a 1.5 TB hard drive with 8GB of ExpressCache memory, a Blu-ray drive, and a 1,920x1,080-pixel display are included, which pretty much covers the bases for what you'd expect in a large-scale gaming laptop. By coming in less than $2,000, it remains a more realistic gaming laptop purchase than many through-the-roof alternatives.

The Series 7 Gamer also comes with design tweaks that match the Alienware/Origin set: keyboard backlighting with specific red lights around the W, A, S and D keys, high-end speakers and a built-in subwoofer, and a mode-adjusting dial that's reminiscent of the HP Envy's love of control wheels.

At CES, our impressions of the Series 7 Gamer were pretty positive based on limited hands-on time. Stay tuned when we get one for our full review.

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