Samsung's lovely 'baby in car chase with vacuum cleaner' ad

To promote its Motion Sync Vacuum Cleaner, Samsung gets a baby to do the impossible. Or apparently impossible.

A police baby. Samsung/YouTube Screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

Look, I'm not terribly partial to babies.

I'm no more partial to seeing them in ads. Yes, those E-Trade babblers were quite sweet, but I would no more recommend a baby ad than I would recommend dating someone who wears Crocs.

Oddly, then, I came across this new ad from Samsung, in which the star is another little bald person, and I reluctantly find it endearing.

The ad is for a vacuum cleaner. I think I own a vacuum cleaner, though I'm not sure where it is.

Yet here the creators have found a way to make the Samsung Motion Sync Vacuum Cleaner if not entirely interesting, then at least entertaining.

The ad takes the principles of a car chase and sets it inside a house.

The baby is clearly a child of law enforcement, as it is equipped with all the tools, save a Taser.

It decides to chase the speeding vacuum cleaner, which, did I mention, moves like a getaway car. Or something.

The action might make some think of "The French Connection." It might make others think that I am chasing my escaping faculties.

That's the thing about ads, though. Some days, they pass you by. Other days, they catch you in a moment of introspection or vulnerability and your mind chases after them.

It's Monday morning. I have a lot on my mind. I find this ad charming. Shoot me.

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