Samsung teases unique 3D TV design

Company unveils a new 3D TV design that it will show at CES later this week. It features an asymmetric stand design and metallic finish.

The Samsung 9 series.
The Samsung 9 series Samsung

Samsung offers some of the best-looking HDTVs on the market. And later this week at the Consumer Electronics Show, it will be upping the ante with a new 3D model that boasts an eye-catching finish.

Known as the 9 Series for now, the 3D LED-backlit television has a shiny, black bezel around the display and a metallic finish around the back. It also features Samsung's Touch of Color, which tosses some color accents into the television's shell. But perhaps the most unique aspect of the 9 series is the television's stand, which unlike most sets, is pushed all the way to the right and curves underneath the television.

Samsung didn't provide specs for the television and also failed to mention its price and availability Expect more information later this week at CES.

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