Samsung takes on the MacBook Air

The just-announced Samsung X360.

For years now, Samsung has made laptops for pretty much every market except the US, and generally, we've been pretty fine with that arrangement (the Q1 Ultra UMPC is as close as they've gotten here).

But now, we're eager to get our hands on the just-announced Samsung X360. This 13-incher apes the super-slim look and feel of the MacBook Air, but adds a lot of the ports and connections missing from Apple's system. The X360 has a multi-card reader, three USB ports, an ExpressCard/34 slot, Ethernet jack, and HDMI and VGA outputs. And it still manages to keep the weight down to 2.8 pounds (if you get an SSD hard drive), and is between .66 and 1.2-inches thick.

The online rumor mill points to an October release in the $2,000-plus range, but that likely doesn't include the American market.

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