Samsung S2 Pebble review and photos

The Samsung S2 Pebble is a simple, cute MP3 player that offers a super affordable price tag, good sound quality, and some compelling extras. It's a great option for those who like to wear their devices pendant-style.

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MP3 player manufacturers can count on one thing: there will always be a demand for cheap, basic portable music players. These minimally-featured devices are often perfect for the gym or brief, day-to-day use. To that end, Samsung is throwing its chip into the game in the form of the S2 Pebble, a screenless MP3 player that looks like a shiny stone. The Pebble is typically light on extras, but its sleek design, straightforward operation, and super affordable $40 price tag is sure to appeal to those looking for a basic-yet-stylish device. Read the S2 Pebble review.

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