Samsung puts Youm brand on its flexible screens

Electronics giant envisions the technology being used in a variety of devices, such as an e-reader, a camera, and a video chat system.

Samsung flexible AMOLED
Samsung flexes its AMOLED muscle at CES 2011. Josh Miller/CNET

Samsung has quietly bestowed a name to its flexible AMOLED technology, an indication that we may soon see it on retailer shelves.

Youm is the name chosen by the electronics giant for its thin, next-generation screens, which are so malleable they can be bent into a wave or arc. Samsung claims it is "unbreakable."

CNET got a look at the technology at the Consumer Electronics Show in 2011. The 4.5-inch screen on display was less than 0.3mm thick and sported an impressive WVGA (800x480 pixel) resolution that can be curved.

The company has envisioned the flex-tech concept being used as, among other things, an e-reader, a camera, and a video chat system. The company also imagines the tablet showing off 3D images through the use of an augmented-reality system.

Companies have been toying with the idea of flexible displays for years, but LG appears to be the first to put it into production. The Korean consumer electronics company revealed last week that it has started mass production of what it called the "world's first" plastic electronic paper display.

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