Samsung puts on a mobile road show in Asia

It debuts 11 phones.

From left to right: M620, B200, and B110 Crave Asia

Samsung unveiled no fewer than 11 phones at its regional mobile road show in Singapore, but only three are new. From the Connected series comes the SGH-M620, which features a 1.9-inch LCD screen, microSD card slot, and onboard FM radio, while the SGH-B200 and SGH-B110 are entry-level models from the Essential series.

The B200 sports a function that allows users to track the phone when it is stolen or lost. Like the M620, the built-in FM radio on the B200 supports recording capabilities, and tunes recorded over-the-air can be used as ringtones. These two phones are expected to be available in Asia from July and May, respectively.

(Source: Crave Asia)

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