Samsung Nexus S 4G tucks into Ice Cream Sandwich

Sprint's Samsung Nexus S 4G gets its turn at Android Ice Cream Sandwich starting today.

Samsung Nexus S 4G
Josh Miller/CNET

Restless for a taste of Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich? If you're a Samsung Nexus S 4G owner, don't be.

Sprint began rolling out the over-the-air ICS update today. The carrier predicts that by the end of the month, all users will have had a chance to install Google's most recent OS (so a little patience might be necessary.)

Of course, Nexus S 4G users are used to patience at this point, while waiting months for their turn to get an update that many assumed would come to their "pure" Android devices first.

We tested Ice Cream Sandwich pretty heartily here at CNET, both on its own and as part of the Samsung Galaxy Nexus.

In addition to an entirely revamped interface come new features like the camera module with built-in panorama and Android Beam, which will pass information like apps and maps from one compatible handset to another. Unlike the Galaxy Nexus on Verizon, Sprint will support Google Wallet for NFC payments.

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