Samsung makes an Impression

The Samsung Impression isn't perfect, but it ranks high on our list as a messaging and multimedia phone.


Messaging phones were big news at CTIA 2009 and AT&T'sSamsung Impression, aka the Samsung SGH-A877, quickly emerged as one of the most talked-about handsets at the show.

With a brilliant display, a solid multimedia feature set, and a spacious keyboard, it offers just about everything you'd want from a messaging handset. And even though we didn't test the call quality at CTIA, which turned out to pretty good, we did name it as our best phone of the show.

We had a couple of complaints--the camera lacks a flash, there's no voice dialing and its sticks you with a proprietary headset jack--but on the whole it's one of the best AT&T phones we've seen in a while. Even the photo and streaming video quality passed the test. For the full story check out CNET'S Samsung Impression review and be sure to peruse the shots in our Impression photo gallery .

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