Samsung LNB750 series doesn't need LEDs

Even without the benefit of LED backlights, Samsung's LNB750 series delivers some of the best picture quality we've seen among LCD TVs.

Samsung's LNB750 series produces excellent picture quality despite lacking newfangled LED backlighting. Sarah Tew/CNET

One of our favorite HDTVs of 2008 was the Samsung LN52A650, which has remained in our lab for more than a year as a comparison model representing LCD TVs that use a conventional backlight as opposed to LEDs. Now that 240Hz processing has arrived in force on the LCD landscape, we expect the Samsung LNB750 series to take up that mantle.

This set outperforms the company's edge-lit LED-based LCDs in most areas, including black-level performance and picture uniformity, and it produced a better picture than any other LCD we've tested, aside from last year's LED-backlit models that use local dimming . It's definitely not perfect, however, and the best plasma displays still equal or surpass this LCD in overall image quality. But for people seeking an LCD and willing to pay a premium for 240Hz and interactive extras, the Samsung LNB750 series should make the short list.

Read the full review of the Samsung LNB750 series.

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