Samsung gives Galaxy S4 its own show, but still has a lot at MWC

Just because Samsung is giving the Galaxy S4 its own unveiling in March, doesn't mean it doesn't have a whole bunch of gear to show off at MWC.

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BARCELONA, Spain--With Samsung holding a dedicated launch event in March for its flagship Galaxy S4, Mobile World Congress is perhaps something of a sideshow, but that doesn't mean the phone giant hasn't got a raft of things to show off in Barcelona.

The big boy in Samsung's range is the Galaxy Note 8 . At 8 inches, it's much more tablet than it is phone. You certainly won't be sliding this one easily into your Levi's pockets, but its stylus will make note taking on the go a bit easier.

The Note 8 is joined by an Armada of S3 lookalikes, too. Both the Galaxy Fame and Galaxy Young sport the similar white plastic backs and chrome edging. The Young has stripped down specs to help it appeal to the younglings who are short on paper-route money. The Galaxy Express and Grand Duo again look like S3 clones. The Express packs LTE on a budget while the Duo allows for two SIM cards for frequent travelers.

It's not just about handsets, though; Samsung's HomeSync boasts full Android and a 1TB hard drive. You can stream all the media you want from Google Play or Netflix or save it locally as well as browse the Web or enjoy apps on the big screen.

Samsung also showed off its long awaited Tizen operating system . The new software is aimed towards the lower end of Samsung's phones, so don't expect it to turn up on the Galaxy S4. It will hopefully offered a pared down, lighter weight experience on basic hardware, making better use of limited resources than the more bloated Android.

Although it had plenty to show off on its stand, Samsung is saving the big announcement of the S4 for a dedicated unveiling in March. The event takes place in New York on March 14 and we'll be there in force, eager to see what Samsung's next flagship superphone will include.

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