Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 gets European pricing on Amazon

Amazon Germany puts up a pre-order page for the Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 and 10.1, leaving us hoping a UK launch isn't far off.

The European launch of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 could be a step closer after Amazon in Germany published a pre-order page for the tablet, Engadget reports. has the 16GB version of the tablet listed at €606.50. That's around £530 at the current exchange rate. Unfortunately, there's no release date attached to the page. The Tab was set to launch this month, but we're rapidly running out of May days.

There's also no mention as to whether this is the Wi-Fi or 3G version, but we suspect it's the former. Although we think the Tab 8.9 is the perfect tablet size, we're sure some will pay that little bit extra for an iPad 2 alternative with double the storage and a bigger screen -- hence the Galaxy Tab 10.1.

To further tease us, the 10.1 3G version is also listed on the page, but that doesn't even have a price. There's simply the option to be notified by email when it becomes available. A third-party seller is claiming to be flogging them for €769 (£670), with delivery in four to five days. That would be a fairly reasonable price estimate, but we're not wholly convinced this isn't speculative selling.

We're trying to stay positive on this one. A listing on Amazon (even if it's not our beloved UK version) is usually a good sign things are on the move. Yet we still don't know exactly where we'll be able to get one or how many British pounds it'll set us back. We need answers, and we need them soon. Android goodness as hot as this really shouldn't be withheld.

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