Samsung Galaxy S4 to debut in February

Hey! Stop looking at that iPhone 5 over there, says Samsung -- we've got a next-generation smartphone coming, too; just thought you should know.

Samsung Galaxy S III
This is the Samsung Galaxy S3. The S4 won't be out till early in 2013. Josh Miller/CNET

Samsung Electronics plan to unveil the latest in its Galaxy line, the S4, at the Mobile World Congress in February next year, officials of the company and its local parts suppliers told The Korea Times on Sunday.

A company official who declined to be named told the daily news site the company is "ready" to unveil the Galaxy S4 (S IV) in Barcelona next year, and the new device is expected to hit shelves globally a month later at the latest.

The timetable had been released three days after the Korean electronics giant's rival, Apple introduced its iPhone 5, which has received mixed responses from industry experts and consumers for seemingly lacking in revolutionary features.

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