Samsung Galaxy Note: The wrong type of bulge in your pocket?

Is the public ready for Samsung's new Galaxy Note device, which melds tablet and phone into one unique mobile device? We hit New York streets and received some surprising results.

Samsung Galaxy Note
CNET editor Brian Bennett asks the NYC public what they think of Samsung's Galaxy Note. Brian Bennett/CNET

Any device that tries to combine two devices into one is asking for trouble, and random people we spoke to here in New York agree.

New Yorkers are a scrappy bunch, always moving fast with no time to dillydally. They do take mobile computing seriously and a few folks spared enough time to tell me exactly what they thought about Samsung's new Galaxy Note device. This wild product sits somewhere between a tablet and a smartphone, with its massive 5.3-inch screen, 4G LTE, and yes, a stylus.

The people I spoke to pulled no punches, telling me either that they could never give up their iPad and iPhone for one hybrid gadget. Others said, heck yeah, a union of Android phone and tablet works perfectly for them. I've actually been challenged to use the Note as my primary mobile communicator for a week. Not sure if I can handle this but I'll let you know how it goes.

Is the Samsung Galaxy Note for you? Take a look at our street-level video view of the Note then read our full review of the device so you can decide for yourself.

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