Samsung Galaxy Note 2, 4G D-Day, robot bees in Podcast 308

Pin back your ears as we tackle 4G, the Samsung Galaxy Note 2, technology squabbles, and robots with bee brains.

Not the bees! Scientists have implanted bee brains in robots, in perhaps the best use of technology ever. Oh, and we've checked out the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 , and had enough of phone companies taking potshots at each other.

In other news, EE has named the date for the coming of 4G -- 30 October -- so we're looking forward to the advent of next-generation data speeds . And we celebrate the return of the boys from the Dwarf, as Red Dwarf once again hits our screens this week .

Join the CNET UK team as we lock ourselves in our podcast lab and thoroughly dissect the pressing technology matters of the week while tinkering with our robot armies.

And we turn to you, esteemed listener, for your thoughts. Thanks to those bargain-savvy listeners who challenged our received wisdom that buying a phone on contract is never a good idea, and to everyone who's asked us a question. Should Microsoft make it's own phone? Will we ever see a 3D tablet? And how does 4G actually work?

Whether you're looking for help and advice with your newest or oldest gadgets, or just want to have your say about the tech issues of the day, leave us a comment below or vent on our Facebook page. It's peopled by peoples who love gadgets as much as you do, not to mention stuffed with tasty behind-the-scenes glimpses at life here in CNET Towers.

To listen to the CNET UK podcast simply press play above, or scoot over to the iTunes Store and search for CNET UK. Click on Subscribe Free and listen away -- but keep an ear open for robot bees...

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