Samsung Galaxy Nexus causes quite a stir in our video review

The Samsung Galaxy Nexus caused quite a stir when it hit the shelves, due to a widespread volume bug. Watch our video review of Android's flagship phone.

Our review of the Samsung Galaxy Nexus had people up in arms when we gave it two stars because of a serious volume-dropping bug that disrupts phone calls, music and ringtones. We defended our decision , but if you want to take a closer look at the Nexus, watch this video review with Rich Trenholm.

We've been licking our lips in anticipation of the Galaxy Nexus for a while, as it's the first phone to run the latest version of Android, the scrumptiously named Ice Cream Sandwich . The software does not disappoint -- it's slick, attractive and simpler to use than previous versions.

The Nexus packs a whizzy 1.2GHz dual-core processor, 1080p video recording and a feature we've been all been longing to try out, the rather novel Face Unlock.

The 4.65-inch screen is gloriously glossy with pin-sharp resolution, although the design of the phone is a little unsophisticated and plasticky for our tastes.

Take a look at our video and you'll see the Galaxy Nexus is worth serious consideration, particularly if you can't wait to get your fill of Ice Cream Sandwich.

We're still hesitant to recommend the Nexus due to the aforementioned volume bug, although Google has announced today that an official solution is being sent to handsets over the next week , so hopefully we'll be in a position to reassess our opinion very soon.

An unofficial fix has been discovered, but do approach this with caution, as it's fiddly and will void your warranty -- in all honesty, it's probably worth waiting.

Have you been gorging yourself silly on Ice Cream Sandwich, or are you holding out until the volume bug has been fixed? Let us know in the comments below or on our Facebook page.

Update 2 December: Google has pushed out an official update that fixes the bug, and we've amended our Samsung Galaxy Nexus review to reflect this. 

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