Samsung bangs out new Beats

Samsung introduces two new music-focused phones dubbed the Beats

Samsung Beatb and Beats
Samsung Beat b and Beat s Samsung

Thursday, Samsung announced two music-focused phones appropriately named Beat b and Beat s (That's not going to be confusing. No, not at all). Much like the Sony Ericsson W910, the key feature of these two phones is that it has "Motion Play", a technology that lets you control your music with a specific motions: Tap the phone to pause, flip it over to silence the phone, and shake it to forward to the next track. Both devices will have 2-megapixel cameras, 3.5mm headset jacks, stereo Bluetooth, FM radios with RDS, and microSD card slots.

The M3510 Beat b is a candy bar device with 900/1800/1900 tri-band GSM/EDGE, and has Shazam preloaded. Shazam is a song-ID application that can let you identify a song just by holding the phone up to the music source (This application is also available for the iPhone). The M3200 Beats is a 850/1800/1900 tri-band GSM/EDGE phone, which is more compatible with U.S. bands. Both devices will be out in October.

(Via PhoneScoop)

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