Samsung announces Series 2, 4, 6 business notebooks, including a few 12.5-inchers

Samsung's new business laptops come with 12.5- to 15.6-inch screens and feature new Intel Sandy Bridge processors.

Samsung Series 4: Reminiscent of the ThinkPad.
Samsung Series 4: Reminiscent of the ThinkPad. Samsung

Samsung's new Series 9 laptop may have started a trend--in fact, the new business laptops announced by Samsung today are known as the Series 2, Series 4, and Series 6.

They bear no resemblance to the ultraslim 13-incher; instead, they look like sleek competitors in the territory inhabited by the likes of the Dell Vostro, HP ProBook, and Lenovo ThinkPad. While the naming convention is a bit confusing, here's how they break down.

Series 2 laptops are the budget line, coming in both 12.5-inch and 14-inch sizes (the 12.5-inch with a Celeron processor, the 14-inch with a Core i3 CPU). They have 2GB to 4GB of RAM, and 320GB hard drives.

Series 4 laptops have the same screen sizes, but higher-end processors (Core i3 to Core i7), greater RAM capacity (up to 6GB), and more hard-drive space (up to 500GB at 7,200rpm).

Series 6 features larger screens (14-inch and 15.6-inch), Core i3 to Core i7 Sandy Bridge CPUs, 4GB to 8GB of RAM, optional 128GB to 256GB SSDs, and up to 1,600x900-pixel resolution displays, along with optional Nvidia dedicated graphics.

All Series 2, 4, and 6 laptops have "superhard" external casings and an antispill case design, along with a bevy of IT-friendly security features. We're not sure how that plays out in laptop use, but stay tuned for when these laptops are finally released to hear more impressions.

Series 2 and 4 laptops will be available in April, and Series 6 in May.

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