Samsung announces low-end Galaxy Ace Plus smartphone for global markets

The Samsung Galaxy Ace Plus skips the U.S. and targets international regions with middling Android features.

Continuing the Android handset push, this time into the low end of the handset spectrum, Samsung has just unveiled the Galaxy Ace Plus.

Announced in Korea but also targeted at Europe, Latin America, Asia, Africa, and the Middle East, it seems the only region the Ace Plus won't be shipping is right here in the States. Of course I bet not many hearts will be broken since this modest device won't inspire much gadget lust in Android addicts.

Powering the Galaxy Ace Plus is a 1GHz processor, most likely single-core, and Android 2.3 Gingerbread. You won't find a big AMOLED display here, but instead a small 3.65-inch (320x480-pixel resolution) LCD screen.


The 5-megapixel camera on the Ace Plus isn't as sharp as phones with 8-megapixel sensors, but you do get an LED flash. Mobile connectivity is covered by Bluetooth (v.3.0), Wi-Fi (802.11 b,g,n), and GPS. Unfortunately the GSM cellular modem tops out at a theoretical max download speed of 7.2Mbps (HSPA).

Samsung says the Galaxy Ace Plus will roll out to Russia first then other parts of the world starting this month. As for me, I'd rather save my pennies for a more-advanced Galaxy Nexus or even Galaxy S II.

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