Salesforce changes seasons with CRM Spring '09

Customer relationship management package's features include content assembly, content delivery, content tracking, and the "Opportunity Genius."

Spring has come early at

The hosted enterprise-applications company on Tuesday unveiled Salesforce CRM Spring '09, offering up such customer relationship management features as content assembly, content delivery, content tracking, and "Opportunity Genius."

Opportunity Genius aims to connect a company's sales representatives who are working on similar deals.

Salesforce has also added three content features to its CRM Spring '09, one designed to let people create new sales and marketing materials by bringing together a variety of existing presentations from across a company.

CRM Spring '09 also adds a feature that enables sales representatives to send presentation packages as a collections of URL links, rather than a large attachment for download. Via the hyperlinks, companies can track actions taken with the links, such as who viewed the materials and the amount of time spent viewing the content.

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