Saitek's Cyborg Rumble game pad lets you flip the stick

Saitek's Cyborg Rumble game pad lets you change the control pad/analog stick layout between PlayStation and Xbox styles.

Saitek Cyborg Rumble

Which layout do you prefer on your game pad? Do you like Sony-style, with the left analog stick low and symmetrical with the right analog stick? Or perhaps you prefer Microsoft-style, with the left analog stick high and level with the face buttons. Regardless of your preference, usually that choice is limited to the system you're on or which PC game pad you use.

Saitek has released the Cyborg P3600 Rumble Pad, the first PC game pad we've yet seen that lets you choose between the two layouts on a whim. Instead of a fixed layout, the Cyborg Rumble has the "cyborg module," an analog stick/game-pad component that you can pop out and flip around, depending on whether you want to play PlayStation-style or Xbox-style.

Unfortunately, it's a PC game pad that doesn't play very well with the other consoles, so you're still generally limited to a low stick on your PlayStation controllers and a high stick on your Xbox controllers. Still, if you're kicking it with PC ports (or emulated games), it's great to have the choice. It also comes with the various bells and whistles normally found on USB game pads, including rumble and programmable buttons.

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