Rumor quashed: AT&T won't offer $529 3G iPad 2

There's a rumor going around claiming AT&T will be selling the 3G version of the 16GB iPad 2 for $529 starting tomorrow. That deal is for the original iPad.

Sorry, Charlie. That $529 price is for the first-generation iPad. Matt HIckey

There's a rumor going around that AT&T's 16GB 3G version of the iPad 2 will be sold via AT&T's retail stores and its Web site for $529, which would be $100 cheaper than what Apple is selling the same iPad for.

It would be another aggressive move by AT&T , of course, and something Apple would likely not appreciate--being undercut on its own device just looks bad.

Sadly for those who wanted this to be true, it is not.

We've confirmed with sources from AT&T that the deal advertised on AT&T's Web site is for the original iPad, not the iPad 2. At $529, it's $100 off the original price--the same price Apple is selling the original 3G version of the iPad for.

AT&T representative Seth Bloom politely pointed out when asked, "That's the original iPad pricing," and directed us toward this post on AT&T's Facebook page.

That said, AT&T is still making an aggressive move by giving away the first month's 3G data free to new users who select the $25/2GB post-paid plan. And for those looking for a Wi-Fi-only iPad, AT&T and Verizon won't be stocking them, for obvious reasons.

The iPad 2 goes on sale online starting at 1 a.m. PT tomorrow and in stores starting at 5 p.m. local time. Pricing for Apple's second-generation tablet ranges from $499 for the 16GB Wi-Fi-only model to $829 for the 64GB Wi-Fi and 3G version.

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