Rumor: Nook 2, Nook Lite coming later this year

Gizmodo says it's been tipped off to news that Barnes & Noble is planning to release a couple of new e-book readers later this year.

Barnes & Noble

Gizmodo is reporting that it has been tipped off about a couple of new Nook devices that will be released later this year. While there are no details about the so-called Nook 2, an update of the current Barnes & Noble e-book reader, the other Nook device will be a "lite" version that's Wi-Fi-only.

Both should include an integrated Web browser, as the software update reportedly due next week for the current Nook will grant it a full browser among other updates.

That all sounds plausible, as does the $199 price point for the "lite" version. It's good to see the little Nook tablet growing up, isn't it?

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