Rumor Has It: The next next big thing is almost here?

In the wake of the iPhone 5 release, we tally up the rumor scorecard. Who should be very, very ashamed? You? All of us? Also, new rumors about Samsung and a Pandora-killer.


The iPhone 5 should be arriving on millions of doorsteps any moment now (hopefully), so it's time to tally up the scorecards and see how we did. Did we vote that it'd get a bigger screen? How about NFC? Watch the video above and see how we did and how you guys did at home.

Also this week, the next big thing might already be here, but you know what might be coming really soon? The next big thing after the next big thing. What? Also, someone could have a Pandora rival up its sleeves. Bet you can't guess who that someone is.

Thanks for watching!

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