Rumor Has It: Is the iPad Mini already in production?

At least one of us hopes that it already is -- we have a Humiliation Day bet riding on this!


As the leaves change from green to orange and brown, and children go back to school, it could only mean one thing: the iPhone 5 is a-coming. The rumor mill is swirling with speculations of a release date, what it'll look like, and whether it'll be joined by an iPad Mini. Oh yes, the zombie unicorn rumor that never dies.

Recent rumors suggest that an iPad Mini screen is already in production, leading some people to believe that this jibes with a fall release. Who knows! Apple always has tricks up its sleeves.

Also this week, sightings of an HP mystery tablet get the Internet buzzing, the iPhone may sport a nano-SIM card slot, and HTC may get into the phablet game, even though we hope it doesn't.

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