Rumor Has It: Is Apple's next bright idea a colorful iPad Mini?

This week, we ask: "If you were a color, what color would you be?" Metallic blue? Or iPod Shuffle purple? Also, Sony might be making a Google Nexus phone and Apple might have a few computers on display next week.


The best news about Apple sending out invites to a (probable) iPad Mini event next week, is that we can finally stop talking about iPad Mini rumors. Finally.

What we don't know yet, however, are any specifics. Will it be 7 inches? Will it come in a rainbow of colors? How much will it cost? All our questions will be answered next week.

Remember that we have a big bet riding on this one -- if Apple in fact announces the iPad Mini next week, Emily has to do something embarrassing! -- so leave us a comment and give us some suggestions on what humiliating thing Emily can do. This should be good, folks.

Also this week, Sony might be coming up with a Nexus device of its own, and what if the Mini that comes out next week is actually an updated Mac Mini? Doubt it. Though it might come out along with the new iPad.

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