Rumor: Apple to include ITO coating on iPad Mini

Despite no official word that Apple will be releasing an iPad Mini, rumors still abound in regard to its features, one of which may be an ITO coating.


Rumors coming from Apple Insider predict that Efun, a Taiwanese-based manufacturer of superthin substrates coated with indium tin oxide (ITO), may be supplying its ITO film to Apple.

Among its other properties and uses, ITO acts as an electromagnetic interference shield and helps reduce signal noise from radio frequencies, which in turn would enhance Web connectivity on devices like the still unconfirmed iPad Mini.

Apple Insider also predicts that Efun will provide its ITO coating to Apple for future standard-size iPads as well. There is no word as to whether the coating would be applied to iPhones or iPod Touches.

In any case, we may find out more September 12. That's when Apple may hold a press event to reveal the iPhone 5, an iPad Mini, or both. If it happens CNET will be there to bring you the scoop.

Is an indium tin oxide coating a feature you want to see (or even care about)? Let me know what you think in the comments!

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